“Death and Photoshop”

Death and Photoshop

As an artist, I am often inspired greatly by music. Primarily pieces from video games or animation that I find very moving. I feel this piece in particular resonates with this work: Howl’s Moving Castle: Merry-go-Round of Life

This montage draws a connection between Photoshop and the futile desire to stay young. Using Photoshop to remove blemishes, smooth those wrinkles, and try to leave an acceptable image of oneself behind, all the while trying to avoid the subject of death when it is not forced upon us. Another thing I explored were the ways different cultures dealt with death (the afterlife, immortality…), and ways they left a mark on the world; perhaps not to be forgotten after death.

The woman in the piece holds religion on one hand, Photoshop on the other, seeming to almost float and dance about in her choice between the two in a very lighthearted manner – while specters and mythological creatures add a more grave and somewhat sinister aspect to the tone. The swatch of black in the upper-right corner is a reference to Stephen King’s short story, “The Reaper’s Image”, where a man sees the reaper in a mirror, but in disbelief mistakes it for a black piece of duct tape.