For this project I had some difficulty deciding on which projects to choose from, while not having much time to spare due to other classes as well as having trouble finding anything that I actually wanted to do. Being interested in music, I enjoyed working on the Johnny Cash project and, by listening to some of his other songs (especially his later works), was inspired to take the final assignment of Learning To Love You More. This assignment was simply this: say goodbye. Sometimes, saying goodbye is the only way to move on with life, and I hope that this list, while personal to me, can inspire others to find the things in their life that they would be better untethered from. This semester was an enlightening experience and many of the lines are ways in which I vowed to improve my life – and hopefully others’.

The Johnny Cash Project

Learning to Love You More, Assignment #70: Say Goodbye

Goodbye not having my own computer.

Goodbye not having a cell phone.

Goodbye my old watch.

Goodbye Art245.

Goodbye space cowboy – Spike Spiegel(Cowboy Bebop).

Goodbye planning to get everything done on the weekend.

Goodbye only talking to friends by e-mail. I will have to talk to them in person sometime.

Goodbye not making time for the things I love to do and personal projects that matter to me much more than schoolwork or video games that usually take that time.

Goodbye excuses for above.

Goodbye not being able to manage my time.

Goodbye being too shy to talk to a certain girl.