Matteo Bittanti is a video game artist interested in the interplay between media, ideas and video games. Since they combine several mediums which are considered “art”, Bittanti views videogames as the ultimate medium. One aspect that he brings to light about games is their ability to be used as a tool for propaganda and social influence as well as the subculture that has risen out of them.

One of Bittanti’s most powerful works, bruno, presents the actions of a significant event in reality transpiring in a video game under his control. The notion of what is and isn’t part of the game is made moot. While viewing the piece before reading the description, one might think of it as a boring and meaningless demonstration. While many commentators thought that this memorial for his dead friend was in bad taste (this serving to mirror their perception of video games as something irrelevant to worldly issues) I found it to be an intuitive use video games as art to present a different perspective of life.