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My cardboard armor was based on the Knight class from Dark Souls, who is typically depicted as the image of the main character, and thus the most recognizable avatar from the game:

The design itself seemed very successful to me, even though I didn’t get to make as many parts as I had hoped. Otherwise, the helmet was definitely too big and bounced around when I wasn’t holding it in place. I was considering a lot of equipment from the game, but I decided on the greatsword since that’s the style I most identify with. I was also planning to build a greatshield given time, but the sword alone proved more difficult to wield than I had imagined. The biggest problem was definitely the lack of time to put into this project, especially since it was during finals. I could have kept adding on to it indefinitely, as well as fixing the issues of keeping the equipment maneuverable.

The event itself was definitely a liberating experience; letting you play out your favorite characters in real space. It really captured part of the intent and appeal of video games, as well as the concept of ‘play’. One of the most exciting aspects about this project for me was the reminder of what’s possible with such simple, readily accessible materials such as cardboard. Granted, I also utilized Blender and Pepakura to construct my design, but it’s also a wonderful feeling to be able to see your 3D models coming together in real space. It’s an exciting realization that I can build something so large at such a low cost, and I will definitely harness the awesome power of cardboard and pepakura within the future!




A screenshot of the intro Perfecto and I worked on. Also thanks to DJ for the sound effects.

SLEEPWALKER exhibition info on facebook

My individual level: VIOLENCE

VIOLENCE revolves around the compulsive urge to use violence to solve problems when nothing else just seems to work. The player is shot at within the first few seconds of gameplay and is tempted to pick up a gun and shoot back. As the player kills more antagonists, even more appear to take revenge, perpetuating the cycle of violence. What it takes to win the level, I hope, is the realization on the part of the player that the peaceful approach is ultimately the best, and it is much easier to finish the level this way.